3060 Fillmore is situated on the corner of Fillmore and Filbert Streets. Long Vacant, the building is a redevelopment opportunity that has been undertaken by CenterCal Properties. CenterCal is committed to preserving the historic architectural beauty of 3060 Fillmore while establishing an exciting new mix of retail tenants that will re-energize this corner on Fillmore Street.

The Project will establish a new hub of activity and support the Union Street and Chestnut Street retail corridors by generating new foot traffic. The project will consist of two new-to-San Francisco tenants in Shake Shack and Rumble Fitness, a niche/boutique fitness use that is unlike anything else available in the City today.

CenterCal is also pleased to announce it has partnered with the Michael Mina Restaurant Group to launch Indie Superette, a new small-footprint grab and go market that will include fresh produce, nuts and grains, nut milks, eggs, dairy and other staples. Additionally, Indie Superette will feature salads, smoothies, and other grab-and-go items fresh from the nearby Mina Test Kitchen.

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Shake Shack, the neighborhood gathering place born from a pop-up hot dog cart, has been serving up delectable burgers, shakes and custard, and other favorites since 2004. This will be the first Shake Shack in San Francisco, and it’s received considerable support from local residents and business owners alike.

Shacks all over the country spur street-level energy, activity, and a sense of community, and the Fillmore Street Shack will bring new lunchtime activation where it is currently lacking. Shake Shack is ready to join the fun in San Francisco and will be a partner during local festivals and events.

Rumble was founded by four entrepreneurs who saw an opening in the group fitness world to shock stale norms and offer a one-of-a-kind fitness experience. From their unique backgrounds – hospitality, service, tech, and fitness and their shared urban-chic-meets-street Point Of View – comes Rumble, the next generation of group fitness. Rumble doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still delivers an incredible workout, and is unlike any other fitness option currently available in San Francisco. Rumble is the first concept to bring the exercise of boxing to the masses in a fun, friendly and convenient environment.

Customers of Rumble are typically over 70% female with a focus on working women and women with children. The concept provides a self-defense and empowerment for the people that participate.

Indie Superette is a wellness superrette market and café that suits the refueling desires of all thrill-seekers, yoginis, crossfitters, zenmasters, and weekend warriors with a curated grab-and-go grocery assortment, plant-based acai bowls, smoothies, juices, elixirs, kombuchas, salads, wraps and more. Indie Superette is the newest offering from Michael Mina Restaurant Group that will serve residents with staples and prepared food alike from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.


When we began our public outreach process, neighbors were clear that finding a grocer was of paramount importance to many in the community. CenterCal leveraged its network of national, regional and local grocery operators to find a grocer tenant primed for success in San Francisco’s difficult retail market.

Despite months of effort and conversations with dozens of grocers a match was not made. Many of the features that make this charming, historic building attractive from an aesthetic perspective also introduce significant physical barriers which prevent a grocery store from operating efficiently and successfully at this location. These constraints, including large concrete sheerwalls dividing the property in two, the long and narrow dimensions associated with the Filbert side of the property, and the significant grade change from Filbert Street to the finished floor of the building, rendered the space physically infeasible for a grocery store.

Some of the grocers that passed on 3060 Fillmore

Sam Mogannam
Founding Partner
Bi-Rite Family of Businesses


“Our primary motivation for growing our family of businesses is to create community and nourish the neighborhoods in which we operate. We crunched our numbers again, and unfortunately, even with a potential subsidy, the economics for this location just don’t pencil out for our type of business. Our margins in grocery are just too low and the needed capital expense for building improvements makes it even more difficult.”

CenterCal is an industry-leading retail development company that designs and develops distinctive, meaningful community gathering places which redefine the overall user experience while honoring the neighborhood in which each development is built. CenterCal empowers communities through engagement and by developing spaces that sustain future generations. At the same time, CenterCal provides its guests with destinations in which they can gather, connect, inspire, create, and be both surprised and delighted. CenterCal is long term owner and manager of each of the properties it develops.