Rumble Fitness at a Glance

Rumble is the next generation of group fitness and brings boxing to the masses. Rumble is focused on providing a fun and inclusionary experience to everyone. Rumble is not “just another gym,” but instead is an exciting, new, and compelling draw for the neighborhood.

New to San Francisco, A Draw to the Neighborhood

  • San Francisco is one of the fittest, most active cities in the country, which made it and the Union Street Corridor a natural next step. It’s clear the neighborhood values an array of fitness options as the nearby SoulCycle and Barry’s Bootcamp are top national performers in each company. Most importantly, Rumble’s dedicated pool of clients overwhelmingly requested the Marina/Cow Hollow neighborhoods for an early San Francisco location.
  • Rumble empowers its clients – 70% of whom are women – by providing a full-body workout based on the sweet science of boxing.
  • Most Rumble clients participate in several fitness activities, including spin, yoga, pilates, and bootcamps. Rumble expects to supplement the vibrant fitness options available in the neighborhood with its boxing-inspired workout.
  • Rumble expects the Fillmore studio to serve more than 600 clients per day. This means hundreds more shoppers, diners, and patrons for the eclectic Union Street merchants.
  • Rumbles are busiest in the mornings and evenings during the week, and the morning through late afternoon on the weekends. After their 45-minute workout, Rumble’s clients will patronize neighborhood cafes and shops at different times than traditional restaurant traffic.

Good Sparring Partners Make Good Neighbors

  • Rumble uses the most advanced technology to soundproof its locations ensuring the nearby neighbors, day care center, and businesses continue operating without interruption. Rumble looks forward to meeting its new neighbors and working together for a vital, fun neighborhood.
  • Rumble embraces local businesses and provides opportunities to build corporate partnerships focused on health and wellness.